And the culprit is…..



After much sleuthing all evidence is pointing at King Charles aka Sir Barksalot.

Yesterday he took the bait. I placed an empty Dunkin Cup in a waste paper bin and yes, you guessed it. Charlie was seen in a like of laundry removing and chewing the cup.

Like me he is a fan of the French Vanilla.


This is my REAL Nerium story…


This is my REAL Nerium story...

3 weeks of using Nerium AD

We have all tried products to help with the signs of aging. Come on I was using 7 products and a deep cleansing face mask weekly. Those products I will not mention but I can tell you the cost involved…

Daily Regime $323.00

Lift product to help with sagging jowls $ 46.00

Anti Aging Neck Creme $82.00

Mask $65.00

TOTAL $516.00 plus tax and shipping. (Dear lord I hope my husband doesn’t read this!)

Anyway… my point is that my friend was using Nerium AD which would cost me $110 plus tax and shipping or $80.00 plus if I wanted a monthly delivery.

I figured I would at least give it a try and save myself a few bucks… I will be brutally honest as I always am. I was not hopeful.

I took a picture before I started and another after three weeks.

I was very impressed with my three week results and decided to spread my love of Nerium to all.

The business side is amazing too and I hope it will help with some of our medical bills that come with having a daughter with Arthritis.

That picture is me… not BS here. Just me!

and please never tell my hubby what I was spending 🙂