Keep on running and eating… even with a cold!


Did I tell you that I have registered to run the Atlantic City 7k?

Did I tell you they promise I will achieve my PB? LOL 🙂

As my friend and running buddy Barb noted… this will be the 1st 7 k we have ran, so of course it will be a personal best!

Since I registered I got hit with this nasty virus thing… pretty much put a halt on any training. I do not need too much as I have ran 4 miles before so what’s an additional .35? Probably terrible!

Last Saturday I ran 3 miles with Sue, a few walk breaks to catch my breath as it was tough. I was coughing alot and the snot expelling from my nostrils was just disgusting. I am a week into these antibiotics and I am not sure they are doing me any good but, as instructed on the bottle I have to complete the 10 day course.

I was suffering from cabin fever today… so after work it was still nice out (got to love day time savings) and I headed out with my Ipod, Nike+ and just did it!

I did 2.07 today with my snotty nose and cough. I was pleased with that though the cough took at least an hour to stop. Tomorrow I am heading back out to my familiar 5k route.

I don’t know about you but any kind of exercise always makes me hungry!

I was so pleased to hear that my hubby was going to cook tonight, he makes a mean (Delightfully Tasty) Toad in the hole. The kids have been requesting this every night since Friday, so its about time we delivered.

What the heck is a Toad in the Hole? I hear my american friends ask… its an english dish that looks like this…

Photo By Youngest Child!


It is Irish Sausages, which I purchase from my local Wholefoods baked in a BIG Yorkshire Pudding. It’s a classic and my families favourite.

Big thanks to Hubby for cooking, and Eldest Child for loading the dish washer… Oh I was spoilt tonight 🙂

What’s your Family Favourite Meal ?