You’ve been Pranked!

rotary phone

Phone rang at work this morning, I answered in my usual polite manner and a man asked if he could speak to Mr. Badcock.

I immediately thought I was being pranked.

I replied ” No-one of that name here”

“Spelt B-A-D-C-O-C-K”

“Yep, No one of that name here. Sorry”

“Is that 876-980-3404”

“No, Sorry. You have the wrong number”

Immediately the phone rings again.

“Oh, it’s you again… seems I must have the wrong number”


“OK” I reply and hang up.

This scenario went on for 30 minutes and many calls always saying, “I am not sure what is wrong with this phone”, and continually looking for Mr. Badcock.

I really feel he was pranked by someone who was laughing out loud somewhere at him. I really wanted to ask if his name was Stu Pidasso!

Have you pranked anyone today?


Wednesday Weirdness…

Just a continuation of yesterday’s post of the weird things that have come my way this week.

As I am driving home from work and approach intersection of very a busy Highway 35 what do I see making a left from the highway? (not legal, should have used the jug handle!)

Oh yes you guessed it, a man easily over 260lbs riding a powered wheel chair!

He scoots past me as I wait for the light. At this point I am bummed my iPhone is in my bag because this would have made a good pic.

He swung into shopping plaza and straight in to Rite-Aid!

Weird and whacky things this week…

Every now and then you see something weird and think WTF!

Monday driving to work I see a man with no arms walking up the shoulder of the highway smoking a fag in the rain!

Yes, I was not seeing things and nearly crashed my car doing a double take.

Today, in my weird world I see a man on a lawn mower at the traffic lights waiting for a green light!

I wonder what lies in the weird and whacky world tomorrow!