Coconut Macaroons – Starch free version

So was craving something sweet, something crispy, tasty and delicious…

Coconut Macaroons came in mind seeing as though all my baking is with coconut flour due to my starch free diet!

I purchased a bag of flaked coconut as I was out in the car I quickly looked up a recipe online. Now I have made macaroons before but could not for the life of remember the recipe, but I was sure it was nothing like the one I found online!

I got the ingredients I knew I did not have at home and got straight to work when I arrived home.

First I took out my very old and worn out cookbook, my recipe was nothing like the online one…. Oh well!

I looked at the online one to find I was short a lot of coconut for that recipe and also some ingredients from the one in my trusty cookbook.

I decided seeing as though I was going to have to alert it to become starch free anyway I might as well make the whole thing up!

Coconut Macaroons

1 bag of Let’s do organic coconut flakes.

2 egg whites

1 can condensed milk

1/3 cup of coconut flour

1/3 Almond Flour/meal

1 tsp Vanilla Essence

First I beat the egg whites until stiff, then slowly folded in the can of condensed milk.

Add the entire bag of coconut flakes and fold it in the mixture.

Fold in flours.

Add teaspoon of vanilla and fold some more.

Now, it was a little to wet and I added a little more coconut and almond flour, spoon at a time until a dough was reached.

Dropped on to parchment paper and cooked at 350 for 10 mins then reduce to 300 for 5 mins.

They look great and fast delicious too.

They are sweet and moist I think should be dipped in dark chocolate to finish them off.






Starch Free Crackers…. Not bad at all!

I tried a new recipe for a starch free cracker I could have with some cheese. Being British Cheese must go with a cracker! You see Cheese is free from starch so I needed to find something other than apples and grapes to enjoy it with.

This recipe was also found on and uses Almond Flour.

I used a little less of the flour after reading reviews and use dried Rosemary as I did not have fresh on hand.

They came out great, tasted awesome and were the much needed crunch to go with my Cheddar Cheese and Soup!

I will use this again.