Teen Room, Pickled Onions, Baby Birds and just pure bad luck!

The Onions are in the pickling vinegar after many hours of soaking in brine. We will know in August how they taste, and if they are any good I will pass on the recipe!

The baby birds are just like the other batch of hatchlings, getting bigger by the day. I am thinking it is at least day 5. There are 4 little beaks open just waiting for mummy to drop in some scram. I am so happy that this is happening for a 2nd time this year. This Robin is a very good Mummy.

Talking of very good Mums. I am one of them! Son number 2 is having a room face lift. It has been 5 years since we moved in and an 9-year-old has completely different taste to a now 14-year-old.

Bye Bye Old Room

Today I have been clearing, shopping and painting…. 

What you have just read is my saved post from yesterday… You see I got so engrossed in this decorating project that I just didn’t have time to add the pics I had taken and finish the post.

Last night I finished 2 walls. Josh has chosen grey as his colour and asked me to use my talents to paint a Boston “B” on his wall just like I had for his older brother all those years ago when I did his room. However, big brother is a Yankee fan so I painted the Yankee Logo for him.

I must have got all carried away with myself, this project was moving along swimmingly. Whilst I was at the Lowes this new paint caught my eye, it turns walls and doors into Dry Erase areas. This was perfect for my little doodle boy who plans on his own graffiti designs being put on his walls… by himself!

This project was also keeping me away from the fridge… my mortal enemy! Oh I was doing well!

Maybe this is the right time to tell you that I am a stay at home mum. Money does not grow on trees and I am doing this project on a shoestring so to speak.

Today, eager to get started I primed the area for the Dry Erase board… and completely finished two walls, trim ‘n” all. This enabled me to move all the furniture to the other side of the room so I could crack on with it.

Daughter at the beach with a friend, Teen at his friends, eldest child chillin’, there was nothing stopping me getting this room painted today!

Until the unthinkable happened… I dropped a can of paint.

Have you ever dropped a gallon of paint, almost 3/4 full from a height?

Stupidly I looked down to try and catch it and got a full in the face SPLAT!


Oh dear god, this was not happening. I think I used the “F” word and my 16 year old came running up the stairs, just as my hubby said “Oh NO you DIDN’T” from his at home office.

I was speechless other than the “F” bomb for a few minutes.

Of course my quick thinking like minded hubby snapped a few shots for the blog 🙂 Gotta love him!

Clean up has been horrendous!

It just Happened!

The $100 project is know considerably more… the carpet has to be taken up and then the wood will need finishing. A project I was not ready for at this moment in time.

Many thoughts have whistled through my head whilst I have been cleaning up.

  • How did I do that?
  • This is never going to get clean!
  • Can I die from all this paint in my mouth?
  • Paint tastes gross!
  • Hubby is too quiet, he will kill me!
  • I should get a day job!
  • Stick to eating!

But really there aint nowt else to do but LAUGH!

I hope your laughing too.


Mrs Robin has another nest….

Just to update you all and let you know that Mrs. Robin has made another nest in exactly the same place… In the car port on the stereo!

Eggs were laid Thursday Night and I am keeping a close eye on her.

Those of you who read my previous adventures of Mrs. Robin and her babies will be pleased to know that the babies are still alive. All four of them can be seen in my garden feeding daily.

I love nature… and can’t wait to bring you more posts on this subject.

Who knew that Mrs. robin laid eggs for than once a year? Not me!

Mrs. Robin’s Nest is getting crowded…

and they are getting very vocal!

I have been able to capture a few pics to post over the past very busy few days here. Every snap I take the less space in that nest there is. I was able to snap one this morning…

May 14th 2011

May 16th, 2011

It is very wet here today and Mrs. Robin is strutting about with big worms hanging out of her beak. I wish I could capture her on camera for you to see, but she is very camera-shy and flies very fast!

So as I am sitting here the noise the other side of the door is incredibly loud for such young birds…

I sneak a peek out of the window to see them flying out the nest and on to the floor. Mrs. Robin is perched on the side of the nest with another big worm chirping very loud, “Get back here you idiots, there is a big white thing with four legs that lives in this garden and he might think you are a chew toy”!

I am not sure if that was their “Maiden flight” I really hope their little wings can carry them back up to the nest!

It seems the baby birds were not strong enough to fly back to the nest… as of 3pm this afternoon Mrs. Robin was rounding them all up like a sheepdog with a big worm still hanging out of her mouth, Mr. Robin was also there to make sure they went exactly where she wanted them.

The last I saw them they had made it to the side garden under the bird feeders by the compost heap.  I hope that this is not the last I have seen of my baby birds.

Robins Nest Update…

I am loving watching this develop it is quite the Nature Program in my Carport!

I can hear David Attenborough narrating in my head as I step over to see what is going on.

Yesterday, as I sneaked a peak I was completely shocked at how full the nest now looked. Those young birds seem to be growing right in front of my eyes.

I snapped a few shots with my iPhone to compare them to the photos taken in my post on May 9. You can see for yourself that there are not 3, but 4 young Robins in the nest, Ok so I obviously missed an egg when I was counting!

Mrs Robin is quite the Mummy, she never stops picking at the ground in search of food for these very hungry babies of hers, I was thinking how lucky I was not to have to fed my young like that and watch them grow so fast. I wonder when they will fly the nest!

Mrs Robin is also quite the guard of the nest… when I am a few feet in the garden minding my own business she will stay perched on the side of the nest with the babies, not bothered by my presence what so ever.

However, when I move in near to the rubbish bin she will fly to the fence. Quietly she waits and when she thinks I have spent too much time in there she will tell me! She gets very vocal until I buzz off back to where I belong!

Here are the snaps for you to see.

Pics Taken May 11, 2011 – Just 2 days later

Today they are even bigger!!!!

I will check on them again tomorrow 🙂