Remembering Louis

My dear four legged friend passed away February 26th 2014.

Sudden Pet Death is so very sad.

Louis had a blockage in his small intestine, surgery was preformed and the vet removed a berry, smelly and rotten but clearly a Mulberry from our tree.

A section of the small intestine had to be removed so I am guessing this berry had been there a long time. Mulberries cover my garden in the summer months.

The following morning Louis had a heart attack and could not be saved.

Every day I miss his smiling face and the happiness he shared. He was always so happy, his tail always wagging.

I wonder… Did the berry pass his stomach to the small intestine and lodge there rotting for months or did is seed get lodged and the berry grew?

Either way the tree is coming down and something without Berries will be planted.

You don’t realize how much the passing of a pet effects the pets that are left behind. Charlie has acted strange and for days carried his toys from one place to another constantly moving them.

Now he just looks sad all the time, but he never smiled like Louis!