It was better than taking Nyquil!

Said my junior the morning after our visit to the NACAC College fair… I had to agree with him as I too “Slept Like a  log”.

This a new experience for our family, both hubby and I are from across the pond and really have no idea on the “College” thing. I remember sitting with my guidance counselor and having no idea what I wanted to do and receiving NO advice on what I could do. I guess I was thrown in the pile destined for Vocational School as I was not deemed smart enough for anything else. I am not sure anyone really ever asked me what I LIKED!

Hubby seemed to have the same experience, apparently after 2 hours with his Counselor he was deemed as a certain “DROP OUT”.

Where are you now Guidance counselor? You really need to eat your words or your hat! My hubby is a Senior Manager for a very large Telecommunications Company in the USA.

I guess this experience has some how plagued my subconscious fears of getting to this stage in life with my children. I have NO faith in the school guidance counselor. I am sure she is a very nice lady…yes I met her once upon my request,  my junior has met with her just to make his course selections each year.  I feel that she does not have the time to give my son the attention he deserves during this huge big decision that HE has to make as a meer 16 yr old teenage boy, there has to be many 100’s of other students on her list.

This is why I am very thankful that I was introduced to Michael from CC4therestofus. Before this event Michael met with myself and Luke ONCE.  He spent to time asking Luke about his interests, school, grades, dislikes. I think they even spoke baseball for a while!

The day of the event I received an email with all of the schools that could be a possible match for Luke based on what he has learnt from him already… and to make my life easier the booth numbers were included which made my military style mission go without a hitch.

My military mission was basically get to the booths that the college counselor suggested and get out! This stopped any browsing at schools that would not be a match causing me to waste my valuable time. PRICELESS!

We did tell Luke that if something caught his eye and offer what you “LIKE” then its OK to slap a sticker on the info card and grab a flyer. It’s all about what you LIKE in our house!

Only 3 extra stops occurred. Hubby is a BIG Michigan Fan so had to stop there and he is now in fantasy land. UCONN, Luke liked the fancy booklet from that one and Ramapo because Luke is attending a soccer camp there with his fellow team mates this summer… oh there was ONE more and that was Montclair only because my friend Kathy and her Hubby Tom both went here and tell great stories about it.

I am so glad I printed off labels with all the information you needed to write on info card at each booth, my military style mission would not have been completed without them… and certainly would not have been completed without the list from Michael. See how easily we were distracted and ended up visiting 4 we have NO intentions in attending, well maybe Montclair is worth a closer look, but still you get the drift!

There were a lot of teens pushing and shoving. Some booths completely crowded and others with admissions staff just sitting begging you to ask them a question.

Durham, England was there and St Mary’s College of London also. Luke had no interest to study in his birth land.

On the drive back I was wondering how overwhelming this all must be for my little boy who is growing up so fast… OK yes he is nearly 6ft tall and not so little but he is really too young for all this!

I think out of all of it that Luke finally realises that he is not on the Doomed for Vocational List,  even though he may not think it, he is actually quite smart. I have always instilled the “You can do anything” philosophy now I have added “if you want it bad enough you will make it happen”

Luke has a lot to think about over the next few weeks/months… he is already getting excited about visiting some of these schools and I wonder “Is it just because he gets to drive us?” What I am really shocked at is that this boy, when asked where he wanted to go to college he always replied ” The College of “our street name”!  Not now, he wants to visit the one  7 hours away on the other side of PA!

One thing I was very impressed with after taking the time to look through some of the flyers lying around his bedroom floor is that Michael, who only met Luke once and from what he took from me seems to have matched Luke with some very good choices and that is just what everyone needs.

There are so many Schools, Colleges, Universities (whatever you want to call them) out there, the choice is immense. The student is an individual and has to make sure that the college is as perfect match for them, not your counselors and certainly NOT you parents!

We are just starting this adventure, and if nothing else its GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE!