This is my REAL Nerium story…


This is my REAL Nerium story...

3 weeks of using Nerium AD

We have all tried products to help with the signs of aging. Come on I was using 7 products and a deep cleansing face mask weekly. Those products I will not mention but I can tell you the cost involved…

Daily Regime $323.00

Lift product to help with sagging jowls $ 46.00

Anti Aging Neck Creme $82.00

Mask $65.00

TOTAL $516.00 plus tax and shipping. (Dear lord I hope my husband doesn’t read this!)

Anyway… my point is that my friend was using Nerium AD which would cost me $110 plus tax and shipping or $80.00 plus if I wanted a monthly delivery.

I figured I would at least give it a try and save myself a few bucks… I will be brutally honest as I always am. I was not hopeful.

I took a picture before I started and another after three weeks.

I was very impressed with my three week results and decided to spread my love of Nerium to all.

The business side is amazing too and I hope it will help with some of our medical bills that come with having a daughter with Arthritis.

That picture is me… not BS here. Just me!

and please never tell my hubby what I was spending 🙂



Charlie and Louis – loving King Charles Spaniels

I love my dogs, anyone who knows me knows that!

Louis the foster doggy has been with us 10 days now and boy has he become part of the family very quickly.

Louis and Charlie took an instant like to each other.


The first night with us was very much like having a baby home for the first time. At twelve midnight he finally fell fast asleep in his crate, kindly loaned to us by a friend.

It became apparent that Louis had lost his bathroom skills, but he was quick to relearn from Charlie, copying everything he did.


He loves people and he is not fussy which human in the house he cuddles with… But he is never far from his buddy Charlie.


They really do seem to love each other and have been seen giving each others doggy kisses.

Stay tuned to see if we fail fostering 101!