First run at Forty!

More training to log!



Kick Cancer Overboard Fundraising has begun!

So my fundraising is starting slowly but surely.

I love to knit so starter taking my creations with me in the hope that someone likes them enough to buy them for the cause.

First I saw my friend, Eleanor. Ironically my scarf matched her sweater perfectly and she happily gave me $15 for it.


Second creation fell around the next of my co-worker Val.

Yet another perfect match!


I have been running, walking and hitting the gym as much as humanly possible with my job and crazy family life. 13.1 miles is along friggin way to run!

If you want to make a donation to this wonderful cause which will personally benefit a wonderful friend and neighbor, message me and I will tell you how.

Thanks to El and Val for supporting the cause and my creation addiction!

1/2 Marathon…. Have I gone completely crazy? No I am doing it for a great cause!

Many know that I like to be outdoors and try my hardest to keep fit. For the past couple of years I had been a regular runner heading out 5 days a week for anything up to a 5 mile run depending on my time.

Back in April 2011 I took part in the April Fools run in Atlantic City, finishing was my main goal… which I did complete. I have blogged about it and you can see it here..

From reading that post you will see that I am not a 1/2 Marathon Runner!

My friend, whom I spend alot of time with either running, walking, shopping or drinking asked me if I was interested in running the Long Branch 1/2 Marathon and invited me to a meeting at the Sheraton in Eatontown.

I will admit that I have not run in many months due to coughs, colds and sniffles and the thought of running 13.1 miles sounded ludicrous, but I am always up for a challenge!

After a few hurdles getting to the meeting I arrived late to hear what the Kick Cancer Overboard organization was expecting from me should I sign up.

Now, I have walked to Avon walk for Breast Cancer many times and each time raised over the $1800 minimum required to walk. I was ready for anything!

As I said I was late and arrive to hear Ted say, “and the great thing about raising money for Kick Cancer Overboard and running for us, is that you get to personally pick who benefits from your efforts”

Kick Cancer Overboard is an organization that raises money to send Cancer Victims and their crusading families on a 5 day cruise to get away from it all, worry free.

Ted went on to talk about presenting giant checks to your choosen one etc etc….

All the time I am thinking, How much Ted, How much fundraising for me? It soon becomes clear that I have to raise a minimum of $879 for send my personally selected Crusader and spouse/partner on this wonderful trip.

This immediately prompted me to sign up, because this 1/2 marathon is no longer about me proving I am not too old at 40, it is about sending a wonderful woman who is so deserving, who fights Cancer at this time for the 2nd time on a fabulous trip with her husband.

Not only does she fight hard to beat this triple negative form of cancer, she is a devoting mother of 4 lovely boys, the director of a local preschool, and my neighbor. Her battle is being fought with such grace that she is an inspiration to all who know her.

So, I will proudly run for Ann-Marie…

I want to raise over $4000 so that Ann-Marie is able to travel with her husband and 4 boys and really take a well deserved rest.

Here I will blog about my Training and my fundraising….

This link will tell you about the race and kick Cancer Overboard, there is also a link to the website.

If you would like to make a donation to my cause you can use paypal or mail a check, just email me for details. Do not donate through the Kick Cancer Overboard website as it has to be through me for Ann-Marie to benefit directly.

Thank you in advance for your support.