Hurricane Supplies for 5 Brits in NJ

1. Miller Lite
2. Skinny girl Sangria
3. Water
4. Ritz crackers
5. Crisps
6. Bread
7. Peanut Butter
8. Batteries D and AA
9. Lighter fluid for zippo
10. Charcoal for Barbie
11. Halloween candy
12. Soup


The plan is to eat everything in the freezer as it defrosts when the power goes…. Glad I have two cheesecakes in there!


The calm before the storm…

Living in Monmouth County NJ, just a few miles from the beach… We are on the Jersey Shore.

Just a few days ago some of us felt the effects of an earthquake, not me!

Now, Hurricane Irene is heading our way. Yesterday as others were still saying “this is not going to impact us, it will shift” my sixth sense told me to go hurricane shopping!

Obviously my first stop was the liquor store, it will help get us through our very 1st Hurricane experience. Being British, we really have not experienced this!

Being British we can handle rain, damp, dreary weather. My childhood spent in the dark most winters as the power went out! My father taught us to cook toast and beans on the open fire… But having no open fire here in this house I had to think of other options should we loose power for days!

Yes, Brits friends… Here in the USA all cables are still on poles and not buried in the ground… So we will be without power and possibly for days!

I am sure all generators have flown off the shelves, so I am not going to even bother trying to get one.

We are under a state of emergency now, this might have swayed the doubting thomas’s to head out shopping… Good luck to them, I was seeing bare shelves yesterday!

I was starting to envisage the all out fist fights over the last tin of spam and chicken noodle soup that are sure to occur as we get closer to the event. But it was just the milk, water and battery shelves bare yesterday!

Today I need to get pet supplies and fill up the car with petrol and I am ready to bunker down!

The yard needs to be secured and then I can sit and wait!

I like a good storm, but am anxious how I am going to feel about the sustained high winds they talk about.

I took some pictures this morning of the lovely calm day we have.





I will post during and after if the power and cell network allows!

Apparently NJ has only had 2 hurricanes make landfall in 200 years, so I not the only one experiencing this for the 1st time!

Irene is currently a CAT 2 hurricane and still off the northeast coast of florida, heading to the Outer Banks, NC. Irene is expected to effect us starting Saturday, with the worst being Sunday Night.

The hurricane is approximately 900 miles in diameter! That’s a big ass storm.

All my weather facts I get from The Weather Channel and NY NJ PA Weather Consulting.