And the culprit is…..



After much sleuthing all evidence is pointing at King Charles aka Sir Barksalot.

Yesterday he took the bait. I placed an empty Dunkin Cup in a waste paper bin and yes, you guessed it. Charlie was seen in a like of laundry removing and chewing the cup.

Like me he is a fan of the French Vanilla.


August 1st and summer is NOT over!

It was the start of August yesterday… I am sitting in my quiet place, eating breakfast thinking about how this has a different meaning this year!


Breakfast is Archer Farms Raisin Cinnamon toast with a little earth balance. Yum!

For the past 7 years, August 1st has been the end of my summer. No more evening sandy hook beach concerts, no more grilling and having dinner for the kids by 5pm, no more lazy beach trips, no more day trips any where. Why?Because this was the day Pop-Warner Football became my life.

Practice started at 6pm and back out to get my Footballer by 8:15… Home by 9. Every week night through August and on into the fall.

Yesterday, at about 5:30 I started my 4 mile walk/run. I had been thinking about how nice it was I was not running around the house trying to find cleats that fit, under armour, socks, and anything else he needed.

During my walk I noticed the neighborhood heading out… I was planning on grilling kebabs made from the Shark the boys caught whilst on holiday in Port ST Joe, Florida.

At 8:30 we were chilling in the garden chatting and drinking… Not battling my way to the practice field.

Was I happy or was I sad? I really was not missing it at all!

My Footballer starts High School this year so I have some changes ahead. I struggle with the fact he is growing up so fast. But, don’t they all!

My eldest is looking at colleges so my life is nothing less than busy.

When I dropped Soccer son at the High School for practice today I realized that how exciting it is going to be… Now I will be spending every Friday Night under the lights not because my Footballer wants to watch the High School game, because now he will be part if that team.

Freshman have their own team, they play during the week… Oh yeah 2 games a week! Practice after school… Only one trip out the house!

So far I have a positive outlook on High School Football, I will be a dual High School Sport Mum… I better hold on to my hat, it’s gonna be a busy September!

Lets look back at my Pop-Warner player…

Once I can retrieve the rest from my dead laptop I will update my Pop-Warner Pictures through the years!