On the Eve of the Royal Wedding…..

I interrupt the vacation blog posts with an update on the Royal Wedding preparations here in NJ!

There is a buzz in the air as we all chit chat about exactly WHAT time we have to be up for tomorrows Wedding Coverage.

Well, I for one like to see all what happens before the ceremony. Who arrives, Who was not there, Worst Dressed Guest, Nicest Hat to name but a few, so after looking at the ABC news Schedule I am looking at an early start!

It seems that the guests will start arriving at the Abbey at 3:15 my time ~ Crap, Do the Royals not know I am NOT a morning person!

Queenie is going to announce their titles between 3-4am.. so What’s an extra 15 mins?

The groom and his bro head out to the Abbey at 5:10 am. So, those wanting to see just the important people arrive can get up at 5am.

Katie doesn’t leave her hotel until 5:51 am so you people interested in the dress only can wait a few minutes longer!

6am the Ceremony starts, this is when I plan on making breakfast.

Full Traditional English Breakfast looks like this…

 Some people like to include Black Pudding and Fried Bread to theirs.

It is traditional to have Orange Juice and Tea, follow it all with Toast and Marmalade or Strawberry Jam.

English Bacon is hard to find here in the USA, and the Sausage’s that are anywhere remotely correct for this breakfast can be purchased from Wholefoods. Just my luck that they do not have them in stock this week!

They also sold out of Crumpets…. weeks go by and I am the only one that buys the sodding things, but OH NO this week everyone wants them and I get NONE!

So tomorrow our breakfast will be a very Royal Eggs Benedict, followed by Toast and Marmalade… I might even make some Scones for afternoon tea.

This is a far better option for the Weight Watcher in me!

The kids are excited about the event, not only a day off school for them, but a regroup on their cultural background is taking place. It is going to be a day of history, I might even throw a Royal Quiz in there for them to do!

The two youngest children have been busy, take a look at our bunting!

They really are getting into it now!

I hope you are all planning to watch some on the wedding tomorrow… I think it is going to be quite a show!

Are you going to watching as early as me? I don’t even think Mr G is going to be joining me… Am I the only crazy one out there?