Chocolate Cravings

At breakfast it started… You know that need for something sweet. In true Weight Watcher style I searched for fruit when it got to it’s worst.

A nice soft plump Apricot!

I busied myself with the usual housework stuff and at 12:30 looked for a snack… Lunch was scoops and salsa. As a weight watcher the scoops are a potato chip substitute the salsa a vegetable and it was hot and took the desire for sweet treats away!

About 2:30 I needed to go to the store… Really crap idea for a chocolate craving PMS’ing Weight Watcher!

I did good and avoided the Ice-cream store by not going where I had planned. You see I had planned to go to Shop-rite. Not my usual supermarket and not the closest either, it was however right next to Rita’s and I love their Gelato’s.

Before I got halfway there I had a word in my shell like and told myself that really I needed to go to Stop and Shop… There was no need to waste gas, it’s pricey enough these days!

Now I avoided everything and I mean everything!

The only sweet treat in the trolley was Marshmallows and Chocolate to make Smores later when the teens hangout.

I hate Hershey Chocolate so I would not be tempted to eat that!

It turned 4:00pm and I have to eat a sweet treat… I am going crazy!

This is all I have…


Now my options are…

1. Eat the Marshmallows; this would upset teens planning on toasting them tonight!

2. Eat all the crackers with a cup of tea; also annoy teens!

3. Make Brownies and eat them all; too many points plus!

I decided on none of them and instead decided to make something using all of the ingredients I had… A bit like my own version of the British TV show Ready Steady Cook!

I am calling these… All you could want Brownies!

I took the Brownie Mix and made it as per the instructions on the box.


Took a package of Graham Crackers, comparable to a UK Digestive!

I crushed all 8 into the Brownie Mix.


After mixing poured it into a sprayed 9×13 baking pan and took 12 Marshmallows and placed them on top. I cooked to the instructions on the back of the box at 350 for 23 mins.



I cannot tell you if they taste good, I did pop a marshmallow in my mouth during baking, and just drank a nice cup if tea whilst they baked and I blogged.

I love to bake, which is why I am a weight watcher!

It makes me happy, and those Teens will be pretty happy I baked too!

Feel free to make them yourself and tell me how they taste.


Now I will be busy cleaning up!


Pickled Onions?!

I have decided that I cannot pay the extortionate price if $7:59 anymore for a small jar if Haywards Pickled Onions.

I know how delicious they are… But really they last just a day with us pickled onion lovers!


I grabbed a couple of bags of small onions at the store…some pickling spices…vinegar and salt.

I put the onions in the brine as directed in my trusty very old cookbook!


Here they will stay until tomorrow when I move to step two.