A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a West Highland White Terrier

As you know Charlie has been with us 3 weeks now, and I have been very bad at blogging. I apologise!

The time has gone by very quickly and we are learning a lot about this little woofer.

Charlie has become my shadow and when I am not home he does not like it. The 1st time I went out he sat at the screen door constantly scratching to get out.

2nd time in the window barking

3rd time  snuck between the 2 gates in the car port and came to the door to get back in?! doh

4th time dug out the garden on the other side… and ran across the road looking for me.

We have worked out that he only digs out when Mum and Dad have gone together… if just me he is now happy to go find a child to follow.

Now everyone in the house knows that if Mum and Dad go out Charlie has to be in the house or under very close supervision.

Blimey, Charlie SNORES… how anyone sleeps with that racket is beyond me! Charlie loves to sleep on my bed. He sneaks up and plops at my feet… then the snoring starts. I kick him… he snores louder. I move him, he moves to my pillow.

I have now started lifting the sleeping dog to the floor. I am guessing he is not so comfy and the snoring ceases.

Barney, the Westie Does NOT snore! Does NOT sleep on the bed!

The kitchen table is Charlies favourite place to sneak off to, hoping to find a plate or food left by mistake. A stern Uh-Uh or NO, has him down. However the words “Get Down” do not!

Since being with us he has managed to eat a Raw Pizza, a Package of Sugar Cookies, Mini Cupcake, Choc Chip Cookie, Nutri-Grain Bar, Something old and nasty from a backpack wrapped in foil, and was today caught strolling off with a bag of Sandwich Thins!

Charlie likes to drink your tea, coffee, water, Soda or Beer from the bottom of your glass should you leave it on the floor.

Barney can not get on to the kitchen table and is hoping to teach Charlie to throw some treats on the floor for him!

Barney, drinks water from a Dog bowl!

Charlie can swim… we took him in the pool as a test… he loved it. So will be taking him the ocean for a dip!

Barney hates to swim but likes to paddle his feet on the shore line.

This Two dogs are becoming very good friends, though completely different characters… they are like Chalk and Cheese!

Enjoy my slide show of my favourite furry friends! 

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Pet Adoption…

Meet Charlie!

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will remember from my previous post dated May10, 2011 titled “Animal Rescue… Remembering Betty” that we started our Pet adoption process through Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue USA.

It didn’t take very long for one to become available that sounded like a perfect match for us. Located in Delware, just a 2hr drive from us. Here is the description that caught my eye!

” Charlie is an absolutely adorable 3.5 year old Tricolor boy whose owner wanted him to have a better life than she could give him under her changed circumstances.

He would like you all to know he is the “whole Cavalier package” – beautiful, friendly, playful, snuggly and very eager to please. He enjoys his toys and Nylabones, but  he adores retrieving tennis balls above all else in life and will make a point of bringing one to you and dropping it as if to say, “Well?  I’m waiting!!” You will be tired of the game before he is for sure. He can give you a very good “high five” and consistently comes when called. He does have a few, well, very minor mischievous traits  — wastebaskets are fair game – and his foster family has learned to push the dining  room chairs in close to the table, since if he can get up there, that’s where he will be exploring. A firm “uh-uh” will bring immediate obedience – until the next time!  And you have to love being kissed, because Charlie simply has to let you know how much he loves you!

I made contact with the regional representative informing her that we were interested and crossed my fingers and waited.

Thursday May 12th I received a telephone call from Denise, the Regional Rep and had a telephone interview… she said that I should expect a call from Charlie’s foster parents for a 2nd interview. The telephone rang not 50 mins later…by this time the children are getting very excited!

Diane, a wonderful volunteer foster mother invited us all to go and meet with Charlie as soon as it was convenient for us all… that included Barney of course. This is the most important part of the adoption process!

Well, Monday May 16th was the earliest we could go and after school was out, we loaded in to the car for a Road Trip to DE.

After a successful visit with us all, we immediately fell in love with him. Barney not so much, but he liked him!

Visit Pics…

Tuesday May17th Charlie arrived HOME, in exactly One Week from filling out the Adoption online… AMAZING.

We are loving having him in our home, as you can imagine the 1st day with the “Boys” was very restless, neither dog would nap and they just followed each other around. 4hrs later they were still cautious of closing an eye. It was as if Barney was making sure that Charlie wasn’t eating when he was sleeping! Charlie was worried that Barney was going to get more kisses!


You got to be quicker than that to stop me getting at the table!

Keeping an eye on each other!

Handsome boy!

You smell OK!

I can't keep my eyes open any longer

Neither can I!

That's it just there...

Day Two was SO much more relaxing. After a walk around the block and dropping Alannah at the Bus stop, they just took a nap. The wet weather is causing lack of outside playtime, Barney dislikes the wet and refuses to go out with Charlie.

Sleeping dogs... Day 2

3 walks yesterday and Barney is exhausted! He has been trying to keep up with Charlie, but Charlie alot younger and more agile is running rings around the tubby Westie!

I look at Charlie and wonder who could have ever let such a love go, he is everything that the Rescue Description said and more… he can’t love us enough and he needs to show it.

I am however very thankful they did, otherwise we would not be able to soak up all this love he has for all of us… with there being 5 of us, that’s alot of LOVE! It must have been very hard for them.

Diane and John the wonderful foster parents of Charlie, do a tremendous job in finding little ones like our Charlie a wonderful forever home. Before they had even left my house during there visit to drop off Charlie, they already had another rescue assignment.

I am seriously thinking about volunteering my time to this wonderful organization. Whether it be just to help with Transportation!

Charlie is just ONE in so many Cavaliers that need forever homes…

If you are interested in adding a new pet to your home, please think about Rescue rather than buying a puppy. I know that we all love puppies…but remember they are not puppies very long!

CavalierRescueUSA is where we got Charlie… there are many other BREED Specific Rescues out there.