Who said College Tours aren’t fun!

The car can pretty much get me to the Pennsylvania Turnpike on auto pilot!

Today we headed to Holy Family on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

It’s a 4 year catholic private university.

This is the first suburban college we have been to. Here we are arriving.


Upon arrival we were guided to the right place by balloons!


Inside we were met and greeted by a team of admissions staff… Water and coffee!

Brief presentation took place in the auditorium, I like this part. Luke however finds it boring and starts fiddling with his phone. I think back to the day I dragged him to Chestnut Hill and feared this, but they captured him with the presentation that it didn’t happen.

There are many people here and the we are divided in to three groups and given a guided tour by a student working in admissions.

As with all the students Steve is well informed. The buildings are very well kept and the nursing building was amazing. Set out like a hospital with very expensive dummies to work on. If Luke wanted to be a nurse this would be great!

The dorms were very new that we saw and suite style. The lounge had a huge TV on the wall.

I guess I was not thinking too much and did not take many pics… When we visited the dorms I asked what percentage of students reside on campus… Just 30%.

Next stop the Book Store… Now I have to tell you this is the first which was a BOOK store with just a small amount of spirit wear.

Take a look at all these books!




You can even rent them for the year and return them.

It was a nice tour and after they offered us lunch and a drink.

We headed back to NJ with some thinking to do.

Personally I do not think this is a fit for Luke, I feel that if he is going to a school where most students are commuting he might as well go to the wonderful Brookdale community college on our doorstep for two years and then decide!

But, it’s not my choice…

Here is the new standings as per Luke.

1. Chestnut Hill
2. Immaculata
3. Ramapo
4. Holy Family
5. Richard Stockton

Tomorrow is another visit… Then just 2 more left. When we are done we will have visited 9 University/Colleges. I hope that’s enough!


Pennsylvania again…. College Tour Number 4

Immaculata University was the college visit this week. Another smaller sized private catholic 4 year school.

What can I say! It was beautiful, as we drove through the cornfields on the way I knew when we got there it was to be going to be a spectacular sight!

Built in 1923 by the sisters this University was very pleasing on the eyes!

After driving around the grounds in the car with the AC going… Outside it was 100 degrees. Parking as close to the door to the admissions building we make a dash for it.


The security station point us in the right direction and we head up in the elevator. The admissions office was like hotel lobby, and working in a Comfort Inn I am talking luxurious hotel!


I true Gould Fashion we are 30 mins early, I needed to use the toilet so sitting in the car was not an option.

We present ourselves and the very nice lady at the desk advise us we are very early and would we like to go to the cafeteria for a drink and snack. Sounds like wonderful idea! It got even better when she handed us two meal tickets.

We are escorted to the cafeteria and was presented with a nice selection of food and drink choices…

This is the newly remodeled cafeteria!


And dessert!


A nice Senior Student, Evan gave us a guided and very educated tour of his school. Immaculata went Co-Ed in 2006 I think he said… He took us to the dorms first. This was the 1st college to stage a dorm room for viewing, a great idea!

This University has just had a movie made about it and the 1st women’s NCAA basketball champions back in the 1970’s, the movie is entitled “The Mighty Macs” and will put the college on the map in the next couple if years.

Here are the trophies on display… They are very proud of them!


They sit in the most beautiful part of the school.



We went to the Library, the Theater and a classroom.



And during all the walking learned a lot from Evan.

This was the only College tour we have attended that did not give an information session from a member of admissions. Luke liked that, though I came away thinking I did not know enough.

There were members of admissions in the offices and we could if we wanted asked questions… But I personally like the general information sessions.

After the official tour ended we headed to seek out the book store… Yes, you guessed it another T-Shirt purchased!

Please enjoy the photos below which we took during our visit.

For those of you interested… Here is the new college standings!

1. Chestnut Hill, PA
2. Immaculata University PA
3. Ramapo NJ
4. Richard Stockton NJ

I have more grey hairs and am sure by the time this is all over also have a stomach ulcer! The trips the two of take together are unforgettable and I am happy to share this time with Luke.











I should have asked if the corn was grown to keep the students fed!