2nd College Visit Complete… and my head hurts!

Our 2nd College visit today took us to Richard Stockton State College in New Jersey.

It was an easy ride straight down the GSP and we arrived in plenty of time.

The campus was massive… compared to Chestnut Hill.

The main building.. BIG and NEW compared to Chestnut Hills OLD and SMALL… Within 10 mins I told myself I must NOT continue to compare this school to Chestnut Hill they are in completely different categories. Which was when I realised that choosing a College/University would be no easy task for me let alone my 16-year-old teen.

I really could only ever compare this school to another State school and I am sure compared with another state school it is very nice.

It was very nice if you like that kind of thing… What I am trying to say is… The main building is NEW brand spanking shiny gleaming NEW! When we first arrived and got out the car the new concrete with the sun reflection burned my eyes!

The shiny walls and floor were…. SHINY.

The main building had a fireplace and the bookstore had a water fall wall… I mean this place was like a fancy hotel….

We all gathered in the NEW Theater and had a very non nondescript info session that lasted about 20 minutes. After this info session I knew how much it was going to cost, what GPA, Class Rank and SAT Average were required and how proud they were off the new building we were in.

If this was the end of the session…. a big fat thumbs down from us. It was as if my son would be a Number, if of course his Numbers were good enough!

New is not what I require…. Fancy eatery’s are NOT what I require. I want my son to be someone at college and not lost in the system as I feel he has been so far.

So far I prefer OLD with Character… Chestnut Hill.

The 2nd part of this info and campus tour was conducted by a Student Admissions Ambassador by the name of Dan Pettraluzzi, I hope I am spelling that correct, he had mentioned during the tour how most people get it wrong!

If it was not for this well-informed, enthusiastic young man I would NEVER even consider this school.

He told us everything you could possibly need to know, and more. An excellent tour of the campus, NEW and OLD. As I was wondering the OLD parts where the classrooms are I was reminded of a Hospital and wondered if Luke would really like it. Just like a hospital is split into wings.. A-H I think. Little Coffee places here and there to refuel as you go about your day.

On our way back Luke and I decided we were going to have to Rank the college’s as we see them to make it easy the more we see.

  1. Chestnut Hill, PA
  2. Richard Stockton NJ

I do not know if Luke intends to apply to Richard Stockton and will ask him in a few days. I am sure it will be a good State option if no scholarship moneys or aid is offered anywhere else. We could maybe afford this with a In-state fee of $11,000 per year plus Board.

I feel quite sad about that statement, but I am an honest blogger and will not delete it.

Now I am really panicking that we saw the best one first! Will anything else compare to Chestnut Hill College?


First College Visit and the search begins…

Why do we have to go today?

“It’s the first day after the last day of school and you get me up at 7am… To go visit a college!”

So during the 90 mins drive there I endured the delights of his iPod without complaint. Now this boy has some pretty decent tunes on his, but today because he was not so happy with the early start the likes of Eminem resonated my car.

On arriving at Chestnut Hill I was surrounded by rolling fields and driving country roads… I was being teleported to England? Nope just delightful Pennsylvanian Countryside!

We drove into the driveway and the college was at the top of a hill… I am guessing Chestnut! Beautiful grounds and old building… Yes you guessed it, the kind you’d find in England!

So far, this Mum is impressed solely on looks!

The presentation was delivered by a nice young man… Mr Brian Torresani, Assistant Director of Admissions and Assistant Head Baseball Coach. It was very informative and he captured the attention of Luke 100%. Luke did not look at me, talk to me and seemed to absorb everything he said.

So far, this Mum is now impressed on looks and the admissions staffs ability to hold the attention of a 16-year-old at 10 am on a Saturday morning!

Short, sweet and very informative the presentation ended and we were split into four groups for a tour guided by senior students attending Chestnut Hill.

The tour took us to the important parts, the student spoke wonderfully about her school.

Classrooms, Dining Hall, Offices, Grounds, Gym, Dorms old and new were shown to us.

At the end of the tour surveys were filled out by both Luke and I, which they exchanged for a t-shirt much to Luke’s delight.

We were out by 11:30 and decided to use the map they included in the welcome folder to find some food. They had offered coffee and continental breakfast, but we wanted to explore. Well, I did anyway!

We drove the very short distance into Chestnut Hill, parked and walked. What a lovely quant town… Cobbles and old trolley tracks! Candle stores and Cheese Shops. Bakeries and a diner… This town was lovely!

After French toast and coffee we head home.

Better music choices and Luke read the brochure.

So in a Nutshell, Mum was impressed on every aspect of this college… Looks, Ability to hold Luke’s attention, values, missions, education, the whole package really… Oh and the French Toast at Rollers!

I am so glad I dragged him there, and Luke is too!

Next on the list is…