Oatmeal and Cranberry Cookies… Gluten Free and Dairy Free if you eliminate the Choc Drizzle or use Dairy Free Choc Chips

So I love the Trader Joe Oatmeal and Cranberry Dunkers and have been wanting to make version for the past week.

Today was the day. I started out trying to find a recipe online but then I just decided to use my Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie Recipe I always use and use Cranberries instead and add the Choc Drizzle.

Here is my recipe…

3/4 Cup Crisco Shortening I use the All Vegetable sticks

3/4 Cup Sugar

3/4 Cup Soft Brown Sugar Packed

2 Large Eggs

2 tsp Vanilla Essence

1 Cup Gluten Free Flour (Trader Joes)

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 Tsp Cinnamon

1/4 Salt

2 3/4 Cup Old Fashioned Oats (Gluten Free Bobs Red Mill)

1 Cup Dried Cranberries or Raisins

1 Cup Chopped Walnuts (Optional, I threw them in because I had them)

Mix Shortening and Sugars in a mixer until smooth.

Add the 2 eggs and Vanilla and Beat.

In another bowl mix together the flour, baking soda, salt and Cinnamon. Add this to the already mix ingredients. Mix until it is all mixed together nicely.

I add the Oats by mixing in with a wooden spoon, not my kitchen aid. Once the Oats are mixed in, add your Cranberries and Walnuts if using them.

You want your oven at 350 and I line my baking sheet with Parchment paper.

Spoon your mixture on to the paper, about 1 Tablespoon, 2 Inches apart.

Bake for 11 mins, Cool on tray for a minute or two as they will be soft when you take them out the oven.

Transfer to a cooling rack once they have started to harden.

Once cooled you can melt White Chocolate Chips in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water and then Drizzle over the top of your cookies. This must be Dairy Free if you want Dairy Free version.




Chocolate Cravings

At breakfast it started… You know that need for something sweet. In true Weight Watcher style I searched for fruit when it got to it’s worst.

A nice soft plump Apricot!

I busied myself with the usual housework stuff and at 12:30 looked for a snack… Lunch was scoops and salsa. As a weight watcher the scoops are a potato chip substitute the salsa a vegetable and it was hot and took the desire for sweet treats away!

About 2:30 I needed to go to the store… Really crap idea for a chocolate craving PMS’ing Weight Watcher!

I did good and avoided the Ice-cream store by not going where I had planned. You see I had planned to go to Shop-rite. Not my usual supermarket and not the closest either, it was however right next to Rita’s and I love their Gelato’s.

Before I got halfway there I had a word in my shell like and told myself that really I needed to go to Stop and Shop… There was no need to waste gas, it’s pricey enough these days!

Now I avoided everything and I mean everything!

The only sweet treat in the trolley was Marshmallows and Chocolate to make Smores later when the teens hangout.

I hate Hershey Chocolate so I would not be tempted to eat that!

It turned 4:00pm and I have to eat a sweet treat… I am going crazy!

This is all I have…


Now my options are…

1. Eat the Marshmallows; this would upset teens planning on toasting them tonight!

2. Eat all the crackers with a cup of tea; also annoy teens!

3. Make Brownies and eat them all; too many points plus!

I decided on none of them and instead decided to make something using all of the ingredients I had… A bit like my own version of the British TV show Ready Steady Cook!

I am calling these… All you could want Brownies!

I took the Brownie Mix and made it as per the instructions on the box.


Took a package of Graham Crackers, comparable to a UK Digestive!

I crushed all 8 into the Brownie Mix.


After mixing poured it into a sprayed 9×13 baking pan and took 12 Marshmallows and placed them on top. I cooked to the instructions on the back of the box at 350 for 23 mins.



I cannot tell you if they taste good, I did pop a marshmallow in my mouth during baking, and just drank a nice cup if tea whilst they baked and I blogged.

I love to bake, which is why I am a weight watcher!

It makes me happy, and those Teens will be pretty happy I baked too!

Feel free to make them yourself and tell me how they taste.


Now I will be busy cleaning up!

Oyster’s, Bacon or both?

I have never ever been tempted to eat an Oyster. In fact it is widely known amongst my family and friends that I am not a real Seafood fan. Yes, I know I am crazy and seeing as though I love to live near the ocean you would think I would appreciate the local fresh fish choices during the season.

Friday morning I woke up and was eager to get my running shoes on and explore this place they call St Joe’s Beach. I think this is why I love to run, as long as I have my trainers with me I can see so many new places and exercise at the same time.

Heather kindly drew me a map of her run, I wish I had kept it as I am sure you would of appreciated the Pre-school level instructions as much as I did. After relaying the information to me it was pretty simple….

“Head out the front at the end of the driveway turn right. Keep going to the dead-end, past the nice house on the right, turn right follow round to the lighthouse, not really a lighthouse just a metal construction with a light on the top, go right into the park, across the deck… down to the street and on to the beach and run all the way back. When you see the house with the blue roof  head off the beach to the deck, past the Look Out Lounge and back up the street to home.”

Now you know why we are good friends, we are both quite mad though she has a PHD to hide the fact that she is a little bit crazy 🙂

I was so excited on my 1st trip to the beach to see this …

I did not have my camera so continued my run very quickly back to the house. After chugging my Arbonne Protein Shake I headed out with the boys and kids to fish. I headed back up the beach to find it and with my Handy Dandy Iphone snapped him for you all to see!

There was alot of fuss at the fishing poles as I headed back to inform them I had found the odd spiky thing I had seen during my run. Son# 1 had caught his 1st fish ever, and it was the start of our dinner feast.

Unfortunately that was our only catch and Pompano was not on the dinner menu that night. Our little sand crab catcher did an excellent job though.

After heading back from the beach everyone was getting a bit peckish, so it was decided we would go and visit Regan’s Pub and Oyster Bar. Kevin is the Bar manager of this fine establishment, hubby has been there many a time and was obliged to go and say “Hi”

We arrived to see Regan wearing a Coventry City Football shirt, this made my son smile!  What a wonderful friendly place this was.

Menus came out and they all started ordering “Oyster’s”… bugger, the menu was either burgers or seafood. NOT what I wanted at all.

The healthiest option for me was baked shrimp and they were fabulous… though they were all raving about their Oyster’s.

Seems they are the best, from the Apalachicola. So if you ever find yourself in St Joe’s Beach Florida, please stop in and say ” Hello” to Kevin and Reagan, tell them I sent you and order a dozen!

Of course those seafood lovers were asking the kids to try them, so I had to be brave when it was my turn. I was amazed at how nice they were baked and topped with Cheese and Jalapeños! I find everything topped with Bacon bloody lovely so I am thinking there was some Bacon too.

I even tried this Bacon flavoured Chocolate and it weren’t half bad!

What strange Bacon Flavoured things have you seen and tried?