Race Day and Food

Yes today was the day…. the day the boardwalk kicked my butt!

Last weeks preparations went pretty much as planned. Yesterday we took a 4 mile run on the Henry Hudson Trail and at 2pm headed to Harpoon Willy’s in Manasquan for a pre-race bloodies and burgers…

This delicious burger was cooked perfectly and topped with bar-b-q sauce grilled pineapple and bacon.

I had to give that nasty gherkin to Barb! This will be hard to believe, but I could not finish it. Only half the burger was consumed but all the pineapple and bun. I plan on taking my hubby to Harpoon Willy’s so he can try it!

Upon arrival to AC we arrived at the Rodeway Inn, as you can tell this was a very lavish weekend we were having!

Fancy that AC has more than ONE Rodeway Inn,  in fact it has at least three. The reason that we know this is because we arrived at the 1st one only to find out our reservation was not with them!  There was a BIG sigh of relief from us both 🙂

After check in Bags safely stored in the TUB at the correct hotel motel we head off to explore.

We found a lovely place to stand and drink….. It was on The Pier.

Obviously I was smart enough to make sure that for every alcoholic beverage I drank 1 or 2 glasses of water to prevent de-hydration and a hangover!

We stood drinking for a few hours…. and suddenly realised we should head back to our temporary home.

It’s a bit scary late at night and as we were both saving our legs for this morning we decided to hire a Pedi Cab.


Yes you heard me a PEDI-CAB!





When we got in the cab a very nice man pushed us all the way to our street.


I took a photo with my iPhone and if you look very carefully you can see a grim reflection in the plastic.

Our Driver/pusher did not look like this as I remember!

Please comment on what it looks like to you, to me it looks like some crazed masked lunatic is standing behind us or a nasty demon.

But I swear he was a VERY nice man!



Race Registration was before 9.30am, we were in the 1st 500 to register and were lucky enough to get a nice hat as well as a T-Shirt!

So after all my preparation I never in a million years thought about VERTIGO….

The race was on the boardwalk and as I started off and got going head down watching for other people’s feet. When I moved in to some open space about a mile in I looked up and everything was spinning!

OMG what was happening to me. I suddenly realized what I was experiencing was what Barb experienced last night whilst walking on a moving walkway in a casino.

I then had to concentrate on looking up and focusing way out in front, but for those of you who know me, I am a clumsy clot and HAVE to make sure there is nothing in front of me that I will trip on.  Ask my hubby, he will tell you “It doesn’t take much”!

So I am very pleased I finished the 4.31 race in 47 mins, dizzy without vomit!

I sat for a while with some water, Italian ice and pretzel whilst the world came to a halt.

I may not be so keen to ever run on boards again in my life. I am guessing that the pattern of the boards played tricks with my head and just through me in to something I had never experience in my life, let alone prepared for.

Thank you Barb for a great weekend, and congratulations on your PR!!


You can check out Barb’s account of the Race at her blog On Being Outside which will post once her skiing trip has been finished I am sure of it!

On our way home we took a detour via the LBI and had a nice protein packed lunch to help get us home… and yes a bloodie too!