Charlie and Louis – loving King Charles Spaniels

I love my dogs, anyone who knows me knows that!

Louis the foster doggy has been with us 10 days now and boy has he become part of the family very quickly.

Louis and Charlie took an instant like to each other.


The first night with us was very much like having a baby home for the first time. At twelve midnight he finally fell fast asleep in his crate, kindly loaned to us by a friend.

It became apparent that Louis had lost his bathroom skills, but he was quick to relearn from Charlie, copying everything he did.


He loves people and he is not fussy which human in the house he cuddles with… But he is never far from his buddy Charlie.


They really do seem to love each other and have been seen giving each others doggy kisses.

Stay tuned to see if we fail fostering 101!






Fostering for the Cavalier Rescue USA

We adopted Charlie in may 2011, this past week we received a call from Cavalier Rescue USA asking us to help them home a dog until his forever home is found.

After a family discussion it was a “Yes”!

Louis the homeless Cavalier arrived on Wednesday and has fitted in to our home just great. He is learning how to behave by following Charlie and copying everything he does.

He needs a little house training as he seems the have forgotten you toilet outside. He has started drinking from a bowl other than the toilet bowl and is finally relaxing!

Here he is….


If you are looking to add a dog to your home, please consider breed rescue rather than a puppy.

Animal Rescue…Remembering Betty

Everyone knows I love animals.

Ro will tell you I was even  fond of Jada and her snarly grin and Foxy even though she has bitten my bottom, obviously it looks good!

My Barney boy is such a sweet heart, my 4th child. A gift on my 30th birthday, he traveled everywhere with me as a puppy. He was famous for riding in the bottom of Alannah’s pushchair as I walked to get the kids from school in the UK. Leaving him behind when we relocated was never an option, he has traveled a long way to be with us forever. Now we have been thinking of adding another dog to the family… not as a playmate, but a companion. Barney was 9 years old in Nov 2010.

Betty was our 1st rescue from Westie Rescue back in  2005 and she was an absolute doll. I remember going to Upper Saddle River in NJ to get her. She was an ugly-looking thing, petite and obviously crying out to be loved. It was believed she was taken from a puppy mill, she was dirty and her skin black… she had been shaved and her ears looked huge. Ugly or not she was coming home with me. My family has lots of love to share with animals and boy was she loved, right up until the sad day that I had to have her put to sleep in 2009.

Poor sweet Betty had a brain tumor… for at least 3 years she was medicated quite happily on Prednisone. Just a low dose took away the swelling that caused her to walk in circles with her head tilted slightly, but the time had come, she had to move on to that even better world than she had come to know and love with us.

Elvis eat your heart out!

Our recent search for a new dog started at the local animal rescue… for weeks we have been and looked at the dogs there, but nothing has been suitable. I had pondered the idea of going to get another Westie, but need to have a change of breed. I even thought about purchasing a puppy, but this is NOT what I wanted to do.

So after a big ole family debate…. we have decided to Rescue from Cavalier Rescue USA. My Auntie Jean used to breed them in the UK when I was a young girl. I remember Bonnie and Cassie, they were sweet lovely girls. We want a dog that will play ball with the kids and provide some of the fun Barney used to. Barney has no interest in playing anymore, just lazy, enjoying the sun and chasing any squirrels that should try to enter the yard. Our new rescue will also have to love hugs and kisses, Alannah has plenty to give! This rescue will also have to like Walks, they are on our list… we head out every evening after dinner. I hope we can find one to match us.

I was so excited yesterday after coming to the decision and I filled out the online application, emailed the contact and called and left a message. They have a few just waiting for homes. We are excited to add a new pet to our house and hope that the adoption process won’t take too long.

Take a look at their website… and see what we are excited about.

Do you have a rescue pet?