Repurposing an ugly hutch, now that is a challenge with AS

I repurposed and bought to life an ugly hutch.. read about it on my other page…

Repurposing an ugly hutch, now that is a challenge with AS.


This is my REAL Nerium story…


This is my REAL Nerium story...

3 weeks of using Nerium AD

We have all tried products to help with the signs of aging. Come on I was using 7 products and a deep cleansing face mask weekly. Those products I will not mention but I can tell you the cost involved…

Daily Regime $323.00

Lift product to help with sagging jowls $ 46.00

Anti Aging Neck Creme $82.00

Mask $65.00

TOTAL $516.00 plus tax and shipping. (Dear lord I hope my husband doesn’t read this!)

Anyway… my point is that my friend was using Nerium AD which would cost me $110 plus tax and shipping or $80.00 plus if I wanted a monthly delivery.

I figured I would at least give it a try and save myself a few bucks… I will be brutally honest as I always am. I was not hopeful.

I took a picture before I started and another after three weeks.

I was very impressed with my three week results and decided to spread my love of Nerium to all.

The business side is amazing too and I hope it will help with some of our medical bills that come with having a daughter with Arthritis.

That picture is me… not BS here. Just me!

and please never tell my hubby what I was spending ­čÖé


Life in the Garden Pond…

Yesterday I added a few fish and a tadpole to our little garden pond.

I purchase 12c feeder fish to eat the mosquito larvae… My first batch lasted a while, in fact one still lives 7 years on. Hurricane Sandy turned our garden in to a river and the pond over flowed terribly and the river arose around it.

Up until this morning we had two old fish of different ages, 10 new baby fish and one frog, seemed to be last years tadpole.

I was sad I had not seen the bigger frog at all and we feared that he had been lost in sandy.

This morning I take a stroll to the pond and there he was waiting for me!


I was so happy to see him, his friend was laying in the plant in the pond.


Now all the fish seem alive and happy and the countdown to when the tadpole is a frog has begun…

We love frogs!


You’ve been Pranked!

rotary phone

Phone rang at work this morning, I answered in my usual polite manner and a man asked if he could speak to Mr. Badcock.

I immediately thought I was being pranked.

I replied ” No-one of that name here”

“Spelt B-A-D-C-O-C-K”

“Yep, No one of that name here. Sorry”

“Is that 876-980-3404”

“No, Sorry. You have the wrong number”

Immediately the phone rings again.

“Oh, it’s you again… seems I must have the wrong number”


“OK” I reply and hang up.

This scenario went on for 30 minutes and many calls always saying, “I am not sure what is wrong with this phone”, and continually┬álooking for Mr. Badcock.

I really feel he was pranked by someone who was laughing out loud somewhere at him. I really wanted to ask if his name was Stu Pidasso!

Have you pranked anyone today?

How realistic are your flame-less candles?

I love candles. I especially love my battery operated flame less candles that even smells like the real deal.

I love the fact that they are safe when the dogs are running around.

I love the fact that they have a timer and come alive at the same time every day and turn themselves off.

I love the fact that I cannot forget to blow them out should I fall asleep on the sofa.

I love the fact that my hubby, the one that supports the family, the smart one tried to light my new candle.

It was glowing after turning itself on, I thought I should adjust the setting now the days are longer. As I got closer I see a black almost smoke like stain on it. I look at it and the fake wick looks… BURNT!

Who on earth tried to lit my battery operated candle! The new smelly Vanilla one…. really?

At first I thought it might have been son #1, he was playing with fire yesterday. Then it occurred to me that my JAR candle was lit and I didn’t do it.

I ask hubby via text as he had left the house about half an hour earlier…

“Did you light my battery Candle?”

“Ah… I tried. no wonder it would not light”

“LOL, It’s very realistic!”

“That’s F’d up!”

My hubby then went on to tell me that he went in to hysterical laughter whilst those around him had no idea what he was laughing at…..

Try explaining that one Honey!

It looks really real now.




Well… What can I say, too much came my way!

I was glad to see the back of 2012, with my AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) Diagnosis and living through Super Storm Sandy I really felt a better year had to be on its way for us… Seems 2013 did not change. My posts have been sporadic and I want to change that but I didn’t want it to be doom and gloom all the time!

January 2013 my daughter aged 12 was diagnosed with a Chronic Disease of the joints which presented as Severe Arthritis, the past few months have been depressing, stressing and chaotic.

I am going to start another blog totally dedicated to living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Juvenile Spondyloarthropathies… Our journey I hope will bring some awareness of both diseases and what we have learned in this short pace of time.

I will return to blogging here about whatever comes my way and I am hoping for some laughs and giggles….