Life in the Garden Pond…

Yesterday I added a few fish and a tadpole to our little garden pond.

I purchase 12c feeder fish to eat the mosquito larvae… My first batch lasted a while, in fact one still lives 7 years on. Hurricane Sandy turned our garden in to a river and the pond over flowed terribly and the river arose around it.

Up until this morning we had two old fish of different ages, 10 new baby fish and one frog, seemed to be last years tadpole.

I was sad I had not seen the bigger frog at all and we feared that he had been lost in sandy.

This morning I take a stroll to the pond and there he was waiting for me!


I was so happy to see him, his friend was laying in the plant in the pond.


Now all the fish seem alive and happy and the countdown to when the tadpole is a frog has begun…

We love frogs!



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