Clocks go forward and Soccer Season commences!

Last night the clocks went forward, I spent all morning wondering what the friggin time was. I was only completely positive if I got the time from the cable box.

Annoying as that was, the 5:30pm U17 Soccer game was played in daylight!

We went to Phillips field in Old Bridge, what a lovely complex. I was so bummed when I realised I had dashed out wearing my jeans. I should have changed so I could run.

Lucky for me I was wearing my trainers. But in jeans and no where near enough boob support, running was not an option!

Instead I got out my phone, started a basic run in Nike + GPS and I started to walk. I walked around the field the entire game… Utilizing the trails so I could still keep an eye on the game.

Here is my walk details…


Who would have thought I could knock up that amount simply by walking instead of standing for the game.

Next week I am going to ensure I am dressed for a run as soon as I get out of bed so I don’t ever miss out on a good opportunity to knock out a possible high miler at a soccer game again.

It was a beautiful evening too.


Shame the game was a loss 😦


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