Today’s baked treats

Today I had to bake bread after Joshua’s kind request yesterday.

I decided to make a double batch of dough. An experiment I have wanted to try for a while. With a Beef Stew in the Crockpot, I wanted a loaf of bread and some bread rolls to have with dinner later… Perfect Football watching food!

I used my White Bread recipe doubled everything and added 3 tbs of Flaxseed.

The kitchen aid was struggling so I dumped it out and continued to knead by hand. Arm workout for today!

I split the dough in two to let it double and then continued as normal. I made one loaf and 12 Rolls.




My ever so polite son, smelt the bread and said ” Please can you make some more delicious cupcakes, they are so good”

So I just knocked up a batch of butter cupcakes with a hint of orange.

I had to sort of cheat, I used a box mix due to lack of from scratch ingredients. I added 1 cup of buttermilk, increased the eggs and added orange zest and juice.

11 of them have a surprise baked inside, 13 do not.

I am not sure if my eldest son has in fact waged any cupcakes on Football Games today. If he has there are plenty, if not then the Queens at King of Kings Preschool can have one for a donation to my Kick Cancer Overboard Fundraising. Josh must not eat them all!

I decided to add a little Chocolate frosting to the top… I love Chocolate Orange so they should taste great.



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