The Christmas gift that keeps on giving…

It was a very long time ago that my friend said to me ” look at my new wallet”

I was so impressed by the amount of stuff she was carrying in the wallet she was showing me that it immediately become top of my “must have” list!

The wallet is made by Burton, yes the snowboard makers.

Perfect for travel and people like me who like to carry a lot of stuff and sometimes only want to take a wallet.

As I said this was months ago that my friend was put in charge of sourcing me one with her next Burton order.

I was so thrilled New Years Eve to receive this gift.

When I opened that box I was overjoyed and lost for words. What a great gift!

We both commented on what a lovely colour grey it was… And continued to drink!

Here it is…


Next day, after a morning getting the boys off to tailgate I sit to load my lovely new wallet.

I open it and wow what a surprise I got!

No really that is not what I think it is? Oh boy it is and there is not a man insight. Just woman, naked woman!

I closed it and reopened it thinking that something might change, but when I unzipped it they were still in there!

I closed it and laughed a lot, I couldn’t wait to show my friend what she had gifted me!

Now, my lovely friend whom I would not go so far as to call her a prude but others might, was completely and utterly embarrassed by the naked women in my wallet!

We have laughed so hard to the point of tears all night long. This wallet is the best gift ever!

I love my wallet, I can handle it, many others could not.

This gift makes me laugh everyday when I look at it, when I get my card out at the grocery store. Even thinking about opening it at the bar makes me giggle!

So my must have item had proved to be alot more than a wallet…. It has become the gift of laughter and laughter is an amazing gift!

So Barb… thank you so very much for the wallet, it might just make me pee my pants one day!

If you would like to see the inside print of the Grey Market Wallet by Burton, here it is!


See how much you can get it in!



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