Upgraded my iPhone

It was time…. To upgrade my iPhone. Everyone tells me I am going to be glad I did, and I am!

Last night after I upgraded it, I was playing around and saw myfitnesspal app.

I have had this app a long time, but never took the time to set it up and use it.

As a life long weight watcher I need to watch my calorie intake. Changing things up always gives me a boost and geeky apps too.

The weight watchers app is great, but I am no longer paying a subscription and not attending meetings and thought this one might help.

Well, I was impressed to say the least.

It asks you your weight, height, activity levels, and your goal weight or if you want to maintain your current weight. It asks how much weight you want to lose per week and calculates how many calories you should eat a day.

So I decided to add the foods I had eaten that day. You can search for them in the directory they have and it keeps track for you.

As I am adding I see a little icon that I instantly think is a barcode function. Surely not? Surely yes!

I started scanning the contents if my fridge and it tells you how many calories per serving, asks you how many you ate and your done.

My calorie counting could not get any easier!


As you can see its pretty easy!


So u am hoping to get a little boost using this new app, I may loose a few pounds I may not!

Let’s hope though I do not add any.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and struggle with recording your foods, try it with me.

I am starting today 🙂


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